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Dudley Nevill-Spencer: Founder, Virtual Influencer Agency

Dudley Nevill-Spencer: Founder, Virtual Influencer Agency

Dudley Nevill-Spencer is a highly-regarded figure in the Influencer marketing community, named as one of the top 50 players in the world of influencer marketing in 2018. Dudley is an innovation pioneer, starting in Influencer marketing back in 2006 and creating one of the first influencer tools to marry brands and influencers by values and interests. An authority on the subject, he hosted the first Influencer panel at the festival of marketing in 2016 and chaired the opening panel of the first Influencer marketing show in 2018.

A student of Machine Learning at MIT, he has written innovation strategy and Influencer marketing campaigns for dozens of global brands, as part of an integrated ‘future-proofing’ concept, utilising the latest technology and data tools to develop coherent communications, experiential and innovation campaigns that assimilate with rapid social, technological and cultural changes.

“My focus has always been on understanding how technology and culture change the behaviour of consumers. It’s why I got into influencer marketing way back in 2006, as it was clear that influential individuals were going to grow through social and become legitimate media channels. Virtual influencers are the next – and I believe more powerful – step in this evolution.

In 2006 I was working with working with spreadsheets, data bases and media titles to source influencers who had compelling stories and align their interests and communities with brands. With the arrival of Machine Learning and advances in chip technology in 2014, it has meant we can deeply understand consumer psychology and create Virtual Influencers with backgrounds, personalities, life arks and interests that are compelling for the target consumer, creating a valuable and positive relationship between the VI and the consumer and the consumer and the brand - this I see as one of the dominant brand marketing channels of the future as V.Is become a powerful part of our every day life;

Virtual Influencers will be the trend setters, the taste makers and the style icons of the next generation”.

Dudley has conducted strategy and innovation campaigns for some of the world’s largest alcohol, automotive, FMCG, hospitality, lifestyle, luxury, technology and utilities companies including Amazon, British Gas, Diageo, The European Union, Hive, Estee Lauder, Grey Goose, Honda, Nike, Porsche and Swatch.

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