The Virtual Influencer Agency creates, manages and markets Virtual influencers for brands, developing fully integrated marketing and amplification campaigns. Our business is a unique mix of advertising and Influencer marketing professionals, creatives from television and film, cutting edge CGI and motion capture developers and Machine Learning experts. Together we have the capability to develop the most effective and on-brand VIs, their content, personality development and marketing and brand integration.


  • We work with the best creatives in the world to develop your characters visual look, be it realistic or highly stylised.

  • We analyse your customer data on the most ethically relevant physical appearance including facial structure, body composition and skin type.

  • Using some of the world's most accomplished and skilled screen writers and novelists, we create characters who resonate with your audience. This includes their background, family history, relationships, emotional temperament and of course their future.

  • The goal of the V.I's "personality matrix", is to build a strong relationship that has a positive psychological effect on followers and maximise the levels of engagement and value to your brand.


  • The Agency uses some of the world's most experienced Influencer marketing professionals to create marketing campaigns that integrate your product or service into the natural life-cycle of the V.I .

  • We use highly experienced content development professionals to design content and multi-year content calendars including all Social Media postings , video and text conversations.

  • We can build integrated networks of like-minded Influencers and eco-systems of support and amplification to maximise the follower growth of your Influencer.

  • We advise on the best Paid Social strategy, helping to build awareness and amplify your V.Is exposure to the right target audiences.


  • Our team have relationships and experience with a vast array or technology providers to help automate the communication between your V.Is and their audience.

  • A V.Is communication can be controlled by a human but increasingly we are testing and applying "Natural Language Processing" tech, to create automated machine led text response, or even, verbal, voice responses and conversations.

  • These conversations are set within what we call "story arcs" that we create during Character Dev stage.

  • Working with the best names in the world in Artificial Intelligence we can utilise "Tonal Nodes " (TM) that read the temperament of the follower and adjust the V.Is response accordingly.

  • Tech also includes "micro signal" facial and speech recognition software.